Classic Daffodil

Has to be yellow!  It glows in the garden on those grey Spring days that have us all longing for the sun.

It is the colour of the sun and of the Daffodils, Forsythia, Crocus, Winter Aconite, and the lowly buttercup.  It shines up any spot with glowing colour and just makes me smile!

The Lorna’s Laces socks for the Summer Class now have a name – Palm Springs.  The lace pattern is an old one, based on the classic palm leaf shape and the colour of this yarn, Magnificent Mile, makes me think of Spring!  Pretty hokey eh?  I’ll accept better idea’s.

Leg of the Palm Spring Sock

I am working on this sample as fast as I can.  Most of my own knitting is about to take a little break……Vogue Wants Me to Knit for the 30th Anniversary Edition – they said so!

As soon as the yarn arrives I will be knitting my fingers to the bone for my art.  I can hardly wait!

It is all in the Details - Matsuno 8/0 beads - Creamsoda Rainbow Transparents!

Happy Knitting