Already started - Madelinetosh Lace - Kelp - with maybe beads on the edge of project, most likely a stole.

…Are ready to go!

I have just organized my thoughts and my projects for the next month or two.  The yarns, buttons, and beads are purchased or ordered, yarn is wound and a couple of preliminary sketches are complete!  I feel so organized!

Time to knit.  First some swatching!

Swatch number 1:  Madelinetosh Lace – Kelp – a gorgeous blue green merino.

Gorgeous Lace - I am trying to create the pattern from the picture.

I want to try to figure out one of the lace patterns that I saw in the Estonian Lace shawls last week!  I have just started the swatch.

Undyed Camelspin on top and the undyed lace silk below - swatch for a lace sweater in the camelspin, edged with a small, most likely beaded, ruffle in the lace silk.

Swatch number 2:  Handmaiden Lace Silk and Handmaideden Camelspin – both are undyed.  I have an idea for a sweater.  Lace in Camelspin and then trimmed with a fine ruffle dotted with maybe a few bronze beads.

Swatch number 3 – Tosh Merino Light – Ms Taylor with purple iris beads – Edging the Pink KAL.  I am working on the schematic this week.  More on this project later in the week.

Next KAL - Edging the Pink - Tosh Merino Light - Ms Taylor.

Swatch number 4:  Lace sock for the summer class – Lorna’s Laces Scok – Magnificent Mile.  Lace sock with optional lace cuff, beads not sure, maybe only on the optional cuff.  Researching the lace patterns.  Should be able to start this weekend.

Lorn'a Laces Sock - Magnifecent Mile. Lace socks.

Swatch number 5:  Fleece Artist SeaWool – undyed – being shipped as I write.  Summer lace shell for lace and painting class.  Will do the schematic this weekend as I have a really clear idea for the shell.

I have lots to keep me busy.  Do you have summer projects in mind?  What are they?  Do you enjoy planning as much as the knitting?  For me, planning sets up the anticipation, I can hardly wait to get started once the idea is clear in my head.

Not everything will get knit.  Life always seems to interfere, but the ideas once recorded will still be there when life and time are again in sync!

Happy Knitting