Salmon Berry Blossom - will turn into a beautiful tart/sweet berry!

And on the trees and hidden in the bushes!  Flowers are blooming on the shrubs and trees – The Dogwood and Flowering Cherry Tree’s in particular, berry bushes are starting to bloom – the world around me is a hive of activity.

Kitten is watching Sophie!

Last night we took Sophie for a walk – it was an eventful one – Sophie met her first kitten.

Kitten is stalking Sophie!

Sophie was mostly oblivious, right up to the last minute, then nature took over.

The kitten had no fear, she was stalking Sophie;  Sophie was just sniffing, then she noticed the kitten, Sophie’s hackles raised – I had never seen this before!  I was holding the leash and the camera at this moment and could not get a picture of her!  Well I did try but it was a complete blur – she was just too excited!

Sophie starts to bark!

Then Sophie started barking! It was quite the show!   The kitten – whose name is Chloe – was rescued by her owner and our walk continued.

Cherry Blossoms from the Grove at Woodstream Park

The Cherry Blossom Grove is past its best showing.  The petals are dropping and the leaves are bursting out!  The flowers were at their showiest last week, when I was sick!  Maybe next year I will get down for more pictures!

There were many other flowers blooming, from “Skunk Cabbage” to wild Bleeding Hearts and Trillium.


This weekend I hope to go looking for the “Curly Lilies”.  They grow wild in the Oaks at Piper’s Lagoon.

I’ll have to look for my flower fix elsewhere than the yard this year.  It will be a recovery year for the garden.  I lost many of the perenials with the building of the new fence and now the building of the raised beds around the fence.  I still have the lilacs, peonies, and what is in the front yard – which hasn’t been looked after properly for the last year or so.  This next year will be a rebuilding year.

Close to being finished!

I have been knitting away at my little shawl for the store – it is about 2/3’rds done.  Quite pretty, and has a wonderful texture from the Baruffa.  I’ll be able to write the pattern up this weekend!

I am ruminiating on the next KAL – tentatively called “Edging the Pink”.

The Camillia is blooming heavily this year and right now is covered in blooms! It really brighten's up the front yard.

I have picked yarn and beads and I still need to contact Fiona and see if she is interested in being involved again.  I’ll try bribing her with some yarn and beads – Pretty, pretties and yarn are almost always effective with many of us knitters!

I love the Dogwood Blooms!

I hope to make the announcement this weekend as to start date and yardage etc.!

Happy Knitting


PS – Here are some more pictures of the blooms I saw in my walk last night.

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