….By the common cold!

Nothing like flowers from a friend to cheer a person up. The gorgeous colour of this rose is incredible!

I am finally feeling human.  For the last week and a half I have been laid low by the smallest of things.  The common cold!  I could not knit; I could not read; and I really didn’t watch much TV.  My energy level was zero.  I went to work and left early – I was a true “Sad Sack”.

This morning I am feeling so much better.  There is a big pot of spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove (with a half of a bottle of Chianti in the pot the other half of the bottle is for dinner tonight!) and  a cup of Earl Grey beside me.  I actually picked up my needles and started to knit something last night.

Baruffa and Little Flowers - in purple of course!

I am playing with some summer yarns, a cotton boucle wrapped with nylon ribbon call Baruffa by Adriafil and some Little Flowers by Crystal Palace Yarns.  I am creating a light and fun little evening shawl.  Everything is now copacetic in my world.  Except that I am behind in all my knitting.  Sigh…..

Last saturday would have been perfect for some Nuno felting, warm and sunny; it would have been fun to play with soapy water and bubble wrap!  Hopefully this Saturday will be as nice – or at least close.

Nuno Felting materials just waiting to be played with!

The Olympics are coming!  In London, starting in July the Summer Olympics are starting – this means that the Ravelympics will be starting as well!  I am a member of Team Canada and all my knitting is in training for the Events – still to be announced!

One of my medals from the Last Ravelympics! We are all winners!

If you have never participated in anything like this – take a look – it is a fun experience.  Every two years we re-connect with friends from the last Ravelympics and will make new ones with these events.

If you like playing on-line and meeting more like-minded knitters come on and check out the possibilities!

Happy Knitting