My herb garden in a good year, June 2010. This year it does need some work - a few plants did not survive this last Winter. It may also be getting a little bigger! We will see how the Spring and Summer progress.

I have spent the last hour clearing out some photo files on my computer.  They dated from June 2010 to Dec 2010.  I did not do much more than check to see what was in each folder and deleted the ones I knew I would not want and kept anything that looked like something I might want.  I will have to go back and delete individual pictures for each file next and refine my keepers!

A perfect wild rose, just after a summer shower, Long Beach, late June, 2010.

I still have all of 2011 to edit as well!!!  It seems that I like to take pictures of everything!

I then went into my recycle bin – I don’t think that I have ever emptied it before – there were almost 4000 files.  It took the computer over a minute to empty the bin.

A pair of my favorite mittens ever! Also June 2010, designed a Long Beach and heavily influenced by the trees along the bluffs above the Beach!

This all started because I wanted to use my pictures as a slide show for my screen.  I did not want pictures from the store or from partly done projects.  I did not quite realise what I was up against.  This will be a summer long project.  Every now and then I will just make it a point to edit or delete files over the next few months until everything is organized!

Organized – talk about a novel idea!  I have tried and failed to get any one part of my life organized over the years.  Any attempt lasts maybe a week until things start to pile up – literally – and all form of organization is lost.  I seem to work best in Chaos!  The advent of Sophie has only added to the Chaos, now I have stuff piled up on my other stuff!  Sigh!

Diver's Lake is very high right now. These branches are disappearing into the lake! With the reflections you cannot tell where the branches end and the lake begins.

Are you the type of person who needs to be orderly, to have a place for everything and everything in place?  Or are you like me – Chaos abounds and rules the pace of the day?

I envy those who can create and work in an orderly fashion.  I seem to always aspire but never to achieve the order that others can surround themselves with.  Especially in the last few years my thoughts bound from idea to idea.  I have lost more idea’s than I have ever created.  If I was orderly they would get recorded and revisited and maybe created!

Gorgeous little guy, picking at the Catkin's. Do you know what he is?

This morning we also went for a walk around Diver’s Lake.  There is a great deal more to that park than I ever realised.  It was a wonderful walk, bits of clear blue sky, birds singing everywhere, but seldom seen.  Wild Violets were blooming and the Catkins were falling apart – with the help of many of those invisible birds.

Wild Violets!

It is almost time to get ready for work.  I have a class tonight.  We are working on the EZ’s Baby Surprise Jacket.  It is a very fun pattern with unexpected results!

Happy Knitting


PS – Right now Tom and Sophie are at loggerheads.  Each trying to stare the other down.  Sophie wants to dig a hole in the middle of the yard and Tom wants to stop her.  The individual stares are identical!