Fiona modeling the Malabrigo sock version of the Scarf.

Dark of the Morning has quietly been removed from the free category and taken to the retail category.  I hope that it does as well there as it did in the Knit-a-long.

Thank-you to all who have participated in the KAL.  This has been a very exciting experience to share with you and I hope that you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

Some Stats:  There were 597 unique downloads and a high of 218 members in the Ravelry forum devoted to the Dark of the Morning Knit-a-long.  I will keep monitoring the group and keeping up with questions etc.  There are 33 recorded projects attached to this group and I am looking forward to seeing the finished projects!

I do have another idea for a KAL that I am turning over in my brain – more at a later date.  Is there any interest in the establishment of a LeTissier Designs group on Ravelry?  I have been turning that idea over in my brain as well!

Happy Knitting