A Beautiful, Crisp West Coast Morning with the Coastal Mountains capped in snow in the distance.

We walked around Neck Point with Sophie, yesterday morning.  When I teach evenings, like I did yesterday, I do not start work until noon, so we took Sophie off to Neck Point.

It was beautiful, we  could see the Coastal mountains with their cap of snow and the air was crisp (frigid) and clear!  The Calendar may say mid-March and Spring, but winter is still here in Nanaimo!

The wood ducks were very far away - but such pretty colours!

There were so many birds at the point – flocks of Sea-gulls, Wood Ducks (I think), Canadian Geese and a Cormorant.  Robins in the trees and overhead a couple of circling Eagles.  There were lots of interesting smells for Sophie and too many things to photograph – I hardly new where to start!  the walk was a wonderful, energizing experience!

Robins in the bare trees are singing their hearts out!!

Daffy-down-dillies at Neck Point

You can see signs of spring, the Daffodils are up and blooming or starting to bloom.  Birds are singing everywhere, old growth is getting covered by new growth and energy is abounding in almost everyone I see.  Gardens are getting planned and things are starting to change.

We did some major work in our garden – we ripped most of it out at the same time as having a new fence built.  A new fence that will hopefully keep Sophie in and the deer out – we can but hope.  The fence is beautiful.  Built by CSI Landscaping, it is a 6 foot high cedar fence with landscape ties at the base to help discourage digging by Sophie, apparently Beagles like to dig!

The new Fence with the sweet Bay still covered! It is just too cold in our backyard to uncover it still. I am hoping for this weekend!

At the same time as putting in the new fence they also removed much of the old, overgrown greenery.  We kept the herb garden, Sweet bay, lilacs and honeysuckle but the rest is now clear for new plantings.  It looks pretty dismal right now, but we are busy planning it all!

Buttercup yellow socks - lace I think - something soft and feminine to match the yarn!

I bought some yarn.  Not a lot actually, not when you consider what has been arriving at the store, but I bought some Buttercup yellow Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn.  This is a stunning colour.  I could never where it next to my face, but I can wear it on my feet!  The colour sings spring to me!  I also had to try out the new Drops Lace, an alpaca and silk blend.  It is a gorgeous knit so far!  I am knitting a larger version of a new pattern that I am working on.

Drops Lace, in a drop dead colour, Feather and Fan pattern, and Gutermann Beads, perfection!

It will be a beginners lace and beads piece.  The new pattern is designed to take a fairly new knitter from knitting an easy lace pattern to adding beads to the same lace pattern, once they are familiar with the pattern.  Take the classic Feather and Fan and some beautiful yarns, add beads and some beautiful items are created!

The front page of the Dark of the Morning, retail version is now done and looks great!  Thank-you again to all who participated in the Knit-along.  I am already working on an idea for a new one for the summer – stay tuned!

Happy Knitting


 The Walk at Neck Point

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