Only the lid and Crocus's left to knit!

This is a quiet weekend.  Stay home, watch curling (The Brier is on!), and knit.  I will finish the scarf that I was grafting and block it.  I will finish the large Spring Cozy for my pattern sample.  I will almost finish the Beaded Lace Jabot – maybe I will even finish it – but I don’t want to set myself up for failure!  LOL!

The stumbling block will be the Crocus’s – I want dimensional Crocus’s for this cozy pattern.  I think that I know how to get there, but I won’t really know until I do it!  The large cozy is going to have crocus’s around the bottom and lid area!  In purple of course!

Small Spring Cozy, Rabbits, Carrots and Flowers of course!

The other (small cozy sample) had rabbits and and carrots for the theme.  The large is going to focus on spring flowers and colours!

The other stumbling block will be Sophie….. Sophie is not fond of me knitting…… maybe that is the wrong way to put it……Sophie loves me knitting…… she loves to steal and chew the yarn!  No major disasters as yet – I learn fast!  Just a couple of minor ones!

Waiting for the next opportunity!

What are your plans for the weekend.  It is going to be wet and grey here.  Maybe even some snow by Monday – a great weekend to stay inside, watch TV and Knit!

Happy Knitting