There has been a certain lack of focus in my day so far.

One of my favorite cookies - a drop cookie filled with peel, fruit, raisins, nuts and oatmeal!

It’s not that I haven’t accomplished anything – I have done a lot of little things, but nothing that really adds up to anything.  Sophie has a tendency to interrupt one’s chain of thoughts, actions and resolve.  It is much more fun to cuddle a puppy than do the laundry!

  1. I posted Section D as promised.
  2. I went grocery shopping.
  3. I took some photographs of the Crocus’s in the yard and I did post them.
  4. I just finished baking some cookies.
  5. I made the Tzatziki to go with tonight’s lamb roast.

I am mulling a couple of ideas for designs right now and I cannot seem to focus on the knitting that I could actually accomplish.

  1. I am halfway through grafting two pieces of a scarf together.

    Halfway through the grafting!

  2. I am more than halfway through the sample beaded jabot for the pattern that I am working on,
  3. I could be casting-on for wide Beaded Scarf – another sample for the above pattern – as the beads are now strung.
  4. I have the yarn to fix the sleeves of “Purple Wrapsody”.  The three-quarter sleeves did not work and luckily we did have more of the same yarn in the store.
  5. I still have laundry left to do.
  6. I have just started to cast-on for another idea, but haven’t really done anything more than cast-on.

    Odd shape taken care of with blocking wires and pins!

  7. The Koigu Jabot needs to be reblocked.  I had to pull it up before it had dried yesterday.  I was using it as a blocking tool, showing how to block odd shapes.
  8. I have way to many unfinished projects.
  9. …………..etc, etc, etc.

My done list is far out done by my to-do list!  Today’s lack of focus rings strongly of procrastination!  Something I know a little about and I am pretty good at it too!

News Flash — I got up to put the kettle on — and went to check on the Koigu Jabot.  I must have been thinking clearly at the end of the class, because I folded it nicely and will not need to be reblocked!

Underneath my wooden deck, lies another layer of decking, a layer of black landscape fabric and then a layer of rocks and broken cement! This one Snowdrop found a way to grow and survive in a very inhospital place! A true thing of beauty. It is all alone and standing strong.

When I was taking pictures of the crocus’s this morning I also took a picture of a snowdrop.  This is a special flower because of where it is growing.  It speaks to me of Survival, Will and Beauty!  So strong and so beautiful!

I think that I have Spring Fever, the inability to concentrate, to focus and follow a thought or action through to the finish!  It seems like that right now!

I bought a new vacuum cleaner last week.  My old one had died — oh, about a month or so ago — I finally could not stand it anymore and broke down and bought the new one.

I actually vacuumed this week, it was almost fun!  Truly I am ill, it must be Spring Fever!

A stunning show of colour! Fit for Royalty and the Spring!

Have you got Spring Fever?!  If so, how does it show itself?!

I hope that you have a great week!  Happy Knitting