Section C.

Section is now ready to go!

Section C is the middle section of the scarf.  This is where changes in length can be made and yardage assessed.

I have finished my scarf – I only had about 5 grs (20M) of yarn left over so there is not much wiggle room.  If you are worried about yardage knit about half of your section C and then leave it and go to knit sections D and E.

Once they are done you can go back and knit section C until you run out of yarn (Save enough to graft the 2 pieces together).  Note always end at the end of a pattern repeat.

You have two choices for section C.  With beads on the edge or without beads on the edge.  Otherwise there are no beads in section C.  Feel free to add more if you like!  New piece can be downloaded at the link below!

Section D

Because of the yardage issues and possible shortening of Section C, I will release Section D next Sunday morning March 4th.  I wouldn’t want you to be without anything to knit!

Happy Knitting