Two beautiful Cloisonne Stitch Markers - a little purchase at the Retreat!

It is the little things in life that make each day better.  As trite and overused as this statement can be – it is also true – which is why it is trite and overused!

As I was growing up we moved often,  no place was home, but home was where ever my “little things” were.  We would move into a new place and I could feel right at home by pulling out all the things that I had collected or had been given.  Those things that had come to mean settled and secure to me.

Babies have “Woobies”, “Blankies”, “Pinkie – my pink bear pajama bag” and other such security items to make them feel safe and comfortable.  As an adult the small things are not so much about security as they are about comfort! Enjoyment! and sometimes just a smile!

The little things in my life now include;  Beautiful Stitch Markers – they make me smile as I see them in my knitting;

A much valued "little thing" - my old sock, healing and inspiring!

An Old Sock – one sock of the first pair of hand-knit socks that I had been given.  I was pregnant with my daughter (she is about to turn 27) and living in Northern Manitoba.  My feet were always cold.  There was a Nunnery in St Theresa Point (a fly in First Nations Reserve) and one of the nuns took pity on me and knit me a pair of wool socks.  Like Cita (see here, Cita commented) I had worn those socks when-ever I feel cold and ill.  When I lost one, the single sock became the one that I wrapped around my throat when it was sore (with Vicks of course)!  That pair of socks sent me on the quest to learn how to knit socks – it is amazing how much value a simple pair of socks can hold!

Sleeping Sophie!

More simple things;  A friend who remembers how much I love dark chocolate and often brings me some when she comes to visit!  I don’t need the chocolate and would not miss it!  But the fact that she remembers and takes the time to think and act means a great deal;  Watching the colours in the sky when the sun comes up or goes down;  The anticipation of a new book by your favorite author;  Starting a new project;  Finishing an old project;  Family pictures!;  Sleeping puppies – I have a new appreciation!;  and flowers, always flowers.

Flowers - always flowers!

The list could go on.  What kind of “little things” add comfort to your lives?  What makes you smile and stop and appreciate the moment?!

Happy Knitting and Living