This is it!  We have planned and knit and prepared for this day!  Yarns and beads have been chosen and we are ready to go!

Slip knot on needle with beads on the tail of the yarn ready to go - the tail of the yarn goes over your thumb!

  1. If you haven’t already, before you start knitting, pre-string 400 beads for the sock weight scarf or 550 beads for the lace weight scarf.
  2. Separate 58 beads (sock) or 79 beads (lace) onto the tail of your yarn before beginning your cast-on.
  3. Give yourself about 2 or 3 yards of yarn for your tail – this is too much, but I hate to run out!
  4. Make your slip knot and start casting on!

Just a few beads on - they still look a little jumbled but will tidy up as you go along.

Things to remember – this is not a race – inspite of my starting comment!  Knitting this scarf is for fun and maybe a little for learning.  So enjoy!  If you are not at the next section when it is released, just download and store for later.

Here is the link for the pattern!

I hope that you do join Ravelry and post your progress as you go!  If you do, don’t forget to link your project to the pattern!

Happy Knitting


Beads are all laid out in a row, nicely spacing your cast-on stitches. Take a look at the ends of the yarn - they are in place and ready to cast-on another stitch, pull up a bead and repeat!