The Finished Entrelac Cowl

I have just finished knitting the third project for the Retreat!  The Entrelac Cowl is finished (except for weaving in the ends)!  Emily tried it on yesterday and the effect is just what I wanted – I was worried it was looking very plain and uninteresting.  Once on though, like many knits it looks much better!

4th project for the Retreat - A welted Moebius! Koigu Kersti and Diamond Luxury, Mulberry and Merino! The colours just sing!

Now I get to work on the fourth project – the Welted Moebius – this one is for me, I picked colours that I loved and yarn that I loved and will wear!  The combination of the hand-dyed Kersti and the solid coloured but very shiny Mulberry and Merino will make a stunning welted pattern!  I get to start that tonight!

Edge Details

After a month of playing with the Symphonie Rose interchangeables  – I am still in love.  I’ve worked with the 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm and 5.0mm so far and look forward to trying the rest.  The joins have remained firm and smooth and the sharper than average needle tips have been fabulous for all of the yarns I have worked with.  The cords are very flexible as well.  Thank-you Emily!

They – the weathermen- are calling for snow this weekend!  I kinda hope so – I’ll stay in and knit or go out and take some pictures;  maybe play with the tripod and try some long exposure shots or maybe some shots of snow falling.  Either option sounds great!

Trying to capture snowflakes last year! I know more now, maybe I'll be more successful!

Happy Knitting