A glorious afternoon for a Walk - Dec 31 2011 - a wonderful end to the year!

This last year has been a heck of a year and I am looking forward to a quieter 2012 with not so many extremes of high and low.  So far the start is looking promising!

On Monday we took down the tree and cleaned up the bulk of the decorations.  There were still a few left for that night’s dinner.  We were having the last of the Season’s celebrations, just a quiet family get together, to say good-bye to Beth before she heads back to Kingston for her last four months of Grad School.  Then she will be back on the West Coast forever – at least that is the current plan!  It was a great dinner, lots of laughter and memories shared, the kind of dinner that cements families together.

A small stream of water along the way - water was everywhere - It had rained for two straight days before!

This last saturday we went to a friend’s house.  They live just outside of Shawnigan Lake, not far from the Kinsol Trestle.  This wooden railway bridge has just been restored and is now a part of the  Trans Canada Trail.  It was a great afternoon for a walk to the park and then along the old railbed.  Lovely and flat, surrounded by forest, and, after the rain of the last few days, the quiet burble of moving water was everywhere.

Along the back road to the Trestle park there I found my first piece of whimsy!  It was this Buddha, about 2 and a half feet tall, and about the same width.  He was so happy and just radiated life and love.

Happy Buddha with Sun flowers at his feet!

He was loved as well.  There were fresh sun flowers and fruit at his feet.  I took a few pictures.  It was truly an inebriating moment in time.

The Kinsol Trestle was incredible.  It is the tallest trestle in Canada.

Kinsol Trestle - from below. You can see the mixture of the old and new timbers.

And it has been completely rebuilt, from a mixture of new and original timbers.  It spans a gorge over the Koksilah River.

The view from the top of the Trestle - It is getting later in the day, just after 4:00 pm and the water is warmer than the air. Fog is rapidly forming!

There are paths running down each side to the rapidly moving water, one is fairly direct and steep, the other is a Switchback type of trail.  The Switchback moves through the forest and crisscrossed back and forth, allowing more and more glimpses of water, and then moving underneath the trestle itself until you are at the water!  Wonderful walk!

I finished the small Spring Cozy.  It is a bit of a whimsical marvel!  I will be knitting two mores sizes, but this small one has been a bit of a joy to knit!

Some colour and whimsey to brighten the winter months!

I have about 4 mores inches to knit on the Purple Wrapsody- why did I ever want a long wrap sweater!  I must have been crazy!  After the body, just the sleeves and belt will be left to knit – maybe I should buy a leather belt and not knit the belt!  That sounds like a great Idea – it was Beth’s idea – I rather  like it!  Then to find a belt I like, maybe I should knit, maybe I’ll do both!

According to a friend, my plan for a quieter year is not going to work!

Purple Wrapsody - Not too much more knitting! Yarn is Punta, Merisoft!

She asked me a couple of questions the other day – Am I going to stop knitting? – NO;  Am I going to stop blogging? – NO;  Am I going to stop submitting designs idea’s to Magazines? – NO;  Am I going to stop working? – NO;  So where in the heck was I getting the idea that life was going to be less hectic this year!   Just another whimsical idea I guess!

Happy New Year and Happy Knitting