The light at the end of the Hallway!

I am starting to feel like there is light at the end of it all!

The patterns for Vogue are written;  the spring class samples are well underway and the Christmas decorating is done, only the garland the staircase left.  No baking for Christmas yet, but hey I’ve got a week!  The gift are bought, no knitting as yet, but hey I’ve got a week!  The Retreat projects are in hand and hey I’ve got 7 weeks!

Pre-view pictures of the gloves. Check out the 360 video to see more!

Yesterday I was cruising around the Vogue Knitting site and they have posted the pre-view pictures of the Winter Vogue.  I have a pattern in the Winter Vogue – cabled and ruffled gloves!  It was so exciting to realize that they were up and I was now able to talk about them.  Did you notice that they are Purple!

The spring classes projects are more than halfway done.  The scarves for the beginning, lace and beginning beading class are both knit in halves and then grafted together.  The “easy” scarf, easy lace pattern, 4-ply sock yarn and no beads is already half way.  I’ll start the second half after I finish the “hard” scarf, same pattern, lace weight yarn and beads.  It is more difficult to knit, but is a shorter, jabot style and so will take approximately the same amount of time!

The Aftermath - tea to steady the nerves, shredded yarn and "most" beads back in the spinner!

I had a more difficult time with the lace version of the scarf.  I really wanted to use the Naturally Lace and therefore ignored my first rule of knitting with beads….

First Rule – yarn must have some silk content for strength.  Naturally Lace, gorgeous new yarn, merino and Angora (no silk!!) – 1000+ beads later – 2 rows in, the yarn breaks and the beads cascade everywhere.  I switched to Fantastic Knitting Zephyr, 50/50 merino and tussah silk – the beads and yarn have behaved themselves perfectly!!

Beaded Waves Jabot - behaving perfectly!

I had a little help with my Christmas decorating.  I took a couple of my own vases to West Coast Classic Floral Designs.  Sandra did a great job – instant decorating.

Now, with only a little garland left to wrap around the stair banister, I am hoping to get to some Christmas baking this afternoon.  Christmas Drops – almost like mini Christmas Cakes but lighter….  And some of my Grandmother’s traditional Shortbread tonight!

I’m thinking of knitting up a couple of small gift this week, and drop the class samples until the week after Christmas.  I should be able to manage a couple of quick gifts?  Shouldn’t I?

What about your Christmas knitting?  I hope that it is under better control than mine!

Happy Knitting


Christmas Cheer and lots of Christmas Greenery - West Coast Classic Floral does a great job!