Illuminated fountains at Butchart Gardens! A fabulous light show.

I had a great Weekend…. No I had a wonderful weekend….. It was a glorious weekend….. You get the idea!

Roses in the Inner Harbour - in December! Beautiful.

Victoria did not disappoint, Butchart Gardens did not disappoint and the weather was perfect!  All in all it was another incredible West Coast Weekend!

We drove down to Victoria Saturday morning, there was no major traffic, the sky was clear and blue and sun was brilliant.  You could see the frost on the sides of the road and in the shady spots of the fields beside us.  Everything was gleaming in the sunlight and the air was fresh and clear.

British Columbia Legislative Buildings. Gorgeous lights outline the details!

The shopping and meals were fabulous, but it was the evening at Butchart Gardens that I was really looking forward too.  I haven’t been to the Gardens in about 23 years and never for the Christmas Lights.  If you love Christmas Lights and your inner child clamours for more every year – the lights at Butchart Gardens are a must see!

I took lots of pictures, most did not turn out as I wanted.  Night shots are difficult without a tripod – I did not think to bring mine.

One of the high lights was the search for the Twelve Days of Christmas.  They are scattered through the garden and compliment the lights and magic of the evening.

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It was a wonderful trip with lots of highlights!  I even managed to get in some knitting.  Socks for the road trip and a cuff for gloves in the quiet times – not many of those!

Fair-Isle Cuff for gloves - Shetland Spindrift!

Happy Knitting