Shetland Spindrift for Traditional Fair Isle Gloves

By the end of next week I’ll be finished the knitting for Vogue.  My next projects will be the class sample for the Spring Class and Workshop Sessions.  I’ve decided (sort off – subject to change without notice) on three different techniques:  Fair-Isle – project, gloves, Embellishments – project, tea-cozy (I haven’t designed a new cozy since the retreat!), and Beads and Lace – project, scarf.

I’ve also been asked to revisit Thrummed Slippers and Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Baby surprise Jacket.  I’ll know about those once I get the schedule together and see what our time frame looks like!

One of my first attempts at Gloves - Fair-Isle Gauntlets. Found in a cedar chest and looking like new.

The Fair-Isle gloves are a definite.  I have knit many pairs of gloves, but never have knit any fine weight fair-isle gloves.  One of the first pairs of gloves I designed was a DK weight fair-isle gauntlet style glove as a gift for my MIL.  They were found in her cedar chest.  I have learned a lot since then.  It is time, to make some traditional gloves with either a corrugated ribbed cuff or a turnover cuff.  I’ll have to play around and see which works better.

Pots and yarn ready to go!

I am pretty sure that the tea-cozy is a definite too – I do have the yarn and the idea’s.  Even the tea-pots!  This idea has been floating around for a while in the back of my mind.  I am going to work with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino – it offers a finer knit for a more detailed body and the colours are fabulous.

The Lace and Beads scarf will be a little more difficult choice.  I have too very different yarns and too very different idea’s.  I don’t think that I will have time to do both!  I’ll have let those ideas percolate a little longer.

One option!

The first two projects for the Retreat are finished, except for the ends.  I’ll work up the other two projects in January.  At the same time as I am writing up the handout – it will allow me to double-check the numbers as I go!

The next two months worth of knitting is already laid out, but I am sure that I will squeeze in a another project or two.

Happy Knitting

This option looks pretty good too!