Evening shot - double exposed tree. I'm not sure how I did this. I would like to do it deliberately.

I’ve been playing with the camera lately.  Trying out some different settings and taking photo’s at different times of the day with different types of light.  I have managed some great shots, some very bad shots (more of these than anything else – luckily a digital camera doesn’t use film) , some double exposure (actually quite cool looking) and some really detailed up close shots.  I’m not sure how much I have learned but I have had a lot of fun.

It was (is) Turkey weekend.  We do our big meal on the Sunday so that we can have a day to digest and relax after the feast.  I was unusually organized this weekend and had quite a few things ready before Sunday.  I made the Cranberry sauce on friday and the pies – three of them – on saturday.

Dessert Anyone? Ummmm....Buttertart pie, my favorite.

In the past my MIL made the pies.  She is no longer able so I took up the mantle – two pumpkin and one buttertart.  Never had buttertart pie?  No surprise, I invented it by accident – I may not have been the first – but I thought that I was, LOL!

I was too busy to make tarts one year (time management issues!) and my filling went into a pie shell instead of tart shells and heaven was born – this pie is one of my favorite desserts.

Late blooming roses!

On Sunday after I put the turkey into the oven I had a 4 hour window of time before the arrival of any guests for dinner.  It was a spectacular day so I went for a walk – just down around the beach and through Woodstream Park.  I took some great pictures – the light was great in the park, shafts breaking through the canopy of leaves and illuminating the growth below!

Ferns highlighted by a shaft of light breaking through the canopy overhead.

There are still some flowers in bloom and tons of fruit, seeds and berries.

Bee's harvesting from some flowers - you can see the pollen on the underbelly!

With bees and birds hovering everywhere, everything was frantically busy, producing and collecting before Winter arrives.

A hidden treasure!

As I approached the Cherry Tree Grove at the entrance to the Park.  I thought that I saw a brilliant green hummingbird darting through the red leaves.  When I got home and started to look at my pictures I saw a small patch of green in the picture of the grove.  I cropped and cropped until it was there – a small hummingbird.  The picture is a little grainy, but it is my favorite of all the pictures I took yesterday.

Irish - cutaway front and tails!

Knitting has been a little slower over the last couple of days.  But I did finish the Cossack pattern – Saturday morning Amanda came over and we took the pictures needed for the cover.

My swatching slowed down because I picked up Irish and finished the body!  Just the sleeves left.  They should be done by next weekend.  I tried it on and it fits, a little tight right now but that will change with blocking (I hope!).Amanda modeling Cossack.

Happy Knitting and Happy Thanksgiving

A special thanks for all the friends in my life.