Sometimes we just wanna have fun!  And the projects we choose will quite often reflect that mindset.  Right now I am working on the pattern for Cossack.  It is almost done, but I have hit a little snag – a pair of mittens to be exact.

Cossack - Hat & Mittens

There was just enough Dolce Vita left to cuff a pair of mittens!  I have knit the first and started on the second, but I need another ball of the Alfa.  So I will continue on them tonight!  Meanwhile the pattern is basically written.  I need to add a bonus mitten pattern now – it won’t take long – the mitten itself is really basic but so much fun!

Irish - Back Vent and first tail is knit.

Irish has tails – or at least one is knit.  I have decided to give Irish a cut-away front with a vented back with tails – short rows – lots of them.  The sleeves will have a gentle (in other words, not too big) bell shape.  I am going to edge the sleeves and body with a little welting, instead of ribbing.  The neck and back vent will have button detailing.  I can see it clear as day in my head.  And at the rate I am going I will be able to wear it in not too long!

Yarn-Over is a fabulous yarn.  I have knit it quite firmly, right now it is close to 18 st/4in.  It will block to 16 st/4in.  Emily (my friend and boss) informs me that Irish is quite the plainest sweater I have ever knit.  I really did want the yarn to have center stage!

Why play?  I am taking next week off of work.  I am not sure what I will doing – knitting of course – but as for the rest of the time – nothing is planned.  Maybe some shopping in Victoria, a drive up to Courtney…… no plans, just time.  Have you got any suggestions?  What do you do in your “play” time?  A project that was just simply fun, or an activity that makes you smile, please feel free to share.

If it was summer I would have some knitting to paint!  But I do have projects to finish; Citron is so close, maybe I should finish it off;  so is Chinese Opera;  Eerie; and Purple “Wrap”sody.  Let see what I can finish!

Maybe I’ll start something new!  OHH!

Happy Knitting