Amanda modeling Tidal

I am heartsick.

Canada Post may have lost my shawl, Tidal Pools.  It was travelling to KnitEast for the Fashion Show.  I sent it last Monday, express post 3-day delivery, guaranteed.  It has not arrived.

I say may, simply because there is the hope that it will still arrive, late, but not lost.  I  know that it is just a shawl.  I have the pattern – I could reknit and repaint.  But I won’t, my heart, quite simply, would not be in it.  Tidal Pools was my summer, now I am looking forward to the fall, winter and next summer.  I have my projects already in mind and I am choosing fibre’s and patterns and working on idea’s.  I don’t look back – I am always looking to the next project.  That is how I work.

Tidal Pools was special to me.  I had the idea for the shawl and started knitting.  This last summer was not the best, but there were a couple of stellar days, including a wonderful day with a walk on the beach with a young friend.  The tide was out and we shared the wonder of discovery.  The Sea-stars that day were amazing.  So many new wonders in my favorite place.  I painted the wonder into Tidal Pools.  In it are my memories of a couple of special days, shared with friends.  I have the pictures, but I can’t wrap them around me on a miserable winter day when I am longing for a bit of sun and a walk on the beach.

Enough with the whingeing!  Fini!

Happy Knitting