I have picked up the Entrlac Mobius for the Retreat and I am working on it again. I want to have a couple of different lace motifs for the squares. So I am doing lots of ripping out and back as I work on ideas. The Madeline Tosh Dk that I am working with certainly takes a lot of abuse!

I am in a quandary.  I have quite a few things that I need to knit for the Retreat, Spring Classes etc.  These are known and factored in to my knitting schedule.  But what should I knit for myself, in the times in between the must knits of working!

I have some absolutely gorgeous Yarn Over  from Green Mountain Spinnery in a very rich green shade.  This yarn is a wool, mohair blend that has great “Cush” and bounce!  I love the way that it feels.  I have the sweater in mind, a simple top-down raglan with some lace in the sleeve and I have already knit the neck detail, a simple lace cowl.

  • The Cowl for my Yarn Over Sweater

I could finish Eerie – it is almost half done!

Or there is some Madeline Tosh Pashmina on hold at work in a gorgeous grey purple colour called Thicket!

There are many others but those three are definitely front-runners!  I find that I like to have a plan for my knitting.  I don’t always – you can put seldom in that spot – follow the plan.  There are ideas and yarns that sometimes demand immediate attention, but I do like a plan.  It is a rock that I can retreat too when things are not working out the way I like!

Do you plan your knitting?  Or is the next project, just that – next, unknown – waiting to be found and then knit after you finish your current project!  I couldn’t take the suspense – I like to know!  And then be able to change on the whim!  But the knowing ahead is my anchor!

I think that the Yarn Over sweater will win, simply because I know what I want to do and it will be quick to knit!  The Eerie is known and will be finished, but there is no mystery there.  I love it – I know that it is working – therefore it may wait a little longer!  The Pashmina, not sure what I want to do yet, the ideas are still percolating!

Thanks for helping me sort out my knitting plans – it always helps to set things down and review what you have been thinking!

Happy Knitting