Wow!  OMG!

That was my first reaction when I opened my E-mail account yesterday.  Something was definitely off!  I had approx 100 new messages – all from WordPress!  What was up here?

My first thought was someone – a knitting blogger, a la “The Yarn Harlot” had noticed my little blog and others had followed.  But when I checked my stats page – it was all WordPress!  There was only one other options – WordPress’s Fresh Pressed page.  I had made the grade!  My blog posting, “Purple is a Neutral – Really”  was sitting there on the page – an invitation, a suggestion to read!  And read you did!  Almost 2000 of you the first day and now at 7:30am on the second day – it is already over 800!  Thank-you, Thank-you so much to WordPressand those you who have taken the time to read, comment and some to even subscribe!

Coming off the floor this morning and the Sea-stars are about to be attached - then it is done!

My earlier stats now look like pancakes next to yesterdays and todays stats!

I had been wondering how to celebrate finishing my first year of blogging.  I had also just reached my 100th post not too long ago and was wondering how to celebrate.  WordPress has done it for me!

Happy Knitting and Blogging