Yesterdays batch of blackberry jelly illuminated by the sun just after being poured into the jars. I turned around after putting the pot in the sink and the sun had just sunk low enough to hit the jars of jelly. The colour of the hot jelly was a gorgeous glowing red - light and colour is always amazing!

Labour Day is the last hurrah of summer.  The Labour Day Weekend is the last time to go out and spend time as you wish before school starts and winter peeks in around the corner.  You can feel fall in the air.  It is cooler at night and the wind can have a bit of a bite to it.  How was your labour today?  Only the fun kind I hope, the kind shared with friends or family, or something that you love to do!  I think/hope that we will have one of our beautiful, extended summers that last well into fall.  It is truly my favorite time of year.  The air is crisp and the colours are rich and the light is magical.

Today I painted “Tidal Pools”.  It is truly my last hurrah at painting this summer.  It was a little bittersweet painting today.  I have nothing else knitted waiting in the background.  I will knit more over this winter in anticipation of the summer next.  I have quite a few ideas to try out – something more along the garment idea.  I will play and see what play will bring.

I set up for painting around 9:00 am and was fully immersed until about 1:30.  My husband started out tidying the garden when I started but as it got hotter he finished up and went in.  Tom did come down a couple of times to see if I was still around and to check on the progress of the painting.  You can see the progress of time in the shade as it moves over the shawl.  When I was done, the fingers of my left hand were purple to the 2nd set of knuckles and I have a couple of purple handprints on my denim shorts.  The SeaStars were messy to paint!

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Tonight I block out the shawl and tomorrow I’ll add the dimensional SeaStars to the body of the shawl.  Then more pictures and off to New Brunswick for the Knit East Fibrefest.

Blackberry pie just out of the oven!

Everything is painted, set and is now cool.  I’ll be blocking the main piece out after dinner.  While the shawl was setting and then cooling I made a blackberry pie.  I can hardly wait for dinner, maybe I’ll just have the pie!

Happy Labour Day


PS – I wasn’t the only one painting this weekend.  Carole at DivineKnits was giving it a try.  She was working with Kool Aid dyes, something I haven’t tried yet!