Did you know that a “Red Letter” day was any day of special significance – according to Wikipedia.  It comes from Medieval calendars where all special days were marked with a Red Letter.  Today is such a day!

First painting class 2009 - it was gorgeous then!

Thank heavens it is clear and dry today – actually it is gorgeous!  Normally I don’t worry too much about the weather but today is different.  Today I am teaching a “Painting with Dyes Class” and if it had been wet it would be a disaster.  Our workroom is too small for painting indoors!  Last time we had a painting class the weather co-operated as well – we have been very lucky.  This year the project is much larger and we will not be sitting much in the afternoon!

This is the second half of the Leaf and Point Lace Class.  I have 5 students and everything is ready.  The painting boards are already at the store and I have just added 11 new colours to my dyes!  This is the best part – every one is ready for painting and excited and fearful all at once.  We are painting our swatches in the morning and then the big pieces in the afternoon.

Ready to go?!

I did my checklist this morning;

Dyes, brushes, paper towelling, jars (for cleaning brushes), jars (for mixing one colour of dye with another – to create a new colour – large quantities), ice-cube trays (for mixing one colour of dye with another – to create a new colour – small quantities), saran wrap, rice steamer – to heat set the swatches from the morning painting, old stainless steel spoons, t-pins, measuring spoons (stainless), measuring cups (stainless), spray bottles, vinegar, bowl for soaking projects before painting, painted samples to examine techniques and effects and dye sample sheet for seeing the colours!

I think that covers it all!

Happy Painting Day