Product Testing - wouldn't you?!

Yesterday and today – whirlwinds of activity!  And the missing piece from the Baklava was truly a necessary part of the process!  What if it hadn’t worked, after all, it has been a few years since I made it!  LOL!!

Beth just called – she is leaving Victoria and should be here around 5:00pm.  Everything is ready, tzatziki is made and mixing, the greek meatballs are ready for the oven as is the spanakopita and the greek salad just needs dressed.  Lamb and new potato’s are ready to roast and now I can sit for a few minutes, just like the baklava, sitting on the counter, smelling so fabulous!

Amanda modelling all three pieces from Leaf and Point Trio!

I haven’t done much knitting this weekend, it has been a little too hot – finally.  But I was very good yesterday, I finished the pattern for the Leaf and Point Trio and now the pattern has been released onto Ravelry and Infiknit.

I finished getting the supplies for the painting class on Thursday and in between we went for a walk through Lost Lake Park, a little gem off of Lost Lake Rd.  This is a great little walk, and was one of the coolest places in Nanaimo yesterday!  The walking path meanders around the little lake, approaching and retreating and is about 1 kilometer long.  There are boardwalks over the swampy bits – no swamp right now – and the path goes up and down hills.  I took pictures of some interesting bugs, birds and berries.  The lily pads on the lake were spectacular!  They reminded me Monet’s Lilies!  It was a gorgeous walk.

After supper we went for a swim at Brannen Lake, it was just the second swim of the year, and summer is pretty close to over!  But if it stays like this I can see some more swims – maybe even one of our spectacular late summers.

The kettle is about to boil, time for some tea before I get busy organizing the table for tonight!  I am so excited!

Happy Knitting