As you know time is relative – as you get older it goes faster and you have less of it.  I read somewhere an explanation of this phenomenon.  It goes something like this;

When you are young a year is an amazing length of time, it feels like it last forever!  As you get older that same year starts to represent a smaller and smaller percentage of your life until now, when a year is only a moment, a small part of a life lived.  All of your experiences fill the spaces that were empty and the year now just flies by.

These words now make a lot more sense to me – a year now only represents about 2 percent of my life now lived.  That is not very much.  When you consider how much we fit into our years, we live a lot of life!

I am working on another piece for painting – it should be finished in a week or so.  It now has a purpose – other than my entertainment at any rate!  Fleece Artist/Handmaiden are attending a show in New Brunswick at the end of September – KnitEast – The Atlantic Fibre Fest.  They would like to show my new piece!  I am knitting it out of the same yarns as I used for the Vogue Competition, Maidenhair and Montague!  Both are Mohair/Silk blends and both are Fleece Artist/Handmaiden yarns.  So when it is finished – off it will go.  My knitting does more travelling than I do!

End view!

“Tidal Pools”  is another outside in shawl with a lace edging knit with Maidenhair and the center body knit with Montague.  This piece will have some dimensional embellishing with beads and the Maidenhair.  Unblocked it looks to be about 23 inches by 66 inches.  It will finish bigger, about 26 inches by 72 inches.

Corner Details

The edging is a variation on the cockleshell pattern.  I can hardly wait to finish and paint!  This will most likely be the last painted piece this year.  I need to start knitting the samples for the retreat and next springs classes!

Can someone fix time and relativity so that there is more time in the day!  LOL!

Beth is coming home tomorrow – I haven’t seen her since Christmas!  She had requested a big Greek Feast.  So lots of friends and family for dinner tomorrow.  Guess what I’ll be doing all weekend!  I have a great cookbook – Greek with Gusto by Nickolas and Julie Roukes.  I have used this book for a number of years and always get good results!

Happy Knitting and Cooking!