Zambesi by Fleece Artist. The colour is called Blomidon! Now that is purple!

You may have picked up on the fact that purple is one of my favorite colours.  It, like black, is a staple of my wardrobe and I consider it a neutral, really.  Depending on the tone purple goes with greens and browns, pinks and teals, and always goes with black.  So doesn’t that mean that it is a neutral – it goes with everything!  Well, everything I own.  What is your neutral?  Do you have a colour that you prefer, one that goes with everything in your wardrobe, your neutral colour!?

A purple project that I hope to get finished for this fall – I only started it a couple of years ago is knit with Rowan’s Kid Silk Haze in Dewberry!  Eerie is a delicate lace overblouse that I am adding purple beads to.  It will be gorgeous when finished – or so I think.  I am also designing a top-down purple sweater in Unisono, you can see a definite theme developing here!

My Eerie in Progress!

My love affair with purple started when I was a teenager.  We moved to Kelowna, into a new house, close to the beach and I got the room with the purple velvet drapes and purple carpet.

Check out those drapes - the flocked paper - mid seventies perfection!

This room was mine, I could decorate it any way I wished – as long as I kept the purple drapes and carpet!  I found some flocked velvet wallpaper – the stripes are the flocked velvet and some purple patterned fabric for the little couch my mother offered and the room was perfect.  It was my haven for three and half years and it began my love of the colour purple.

Cockle Shell Corner

I have picked up the Cockle Shell pattern wrap again.  Last night I finished the first repeat of the pattern all the way around and I really like the way it is turning out!  I am working with the Fleece Artist Maidenhair and Montague again, such gorgeous yarns to knit with and they take the dyes so well!


Like the Victorian Falls Wrap I am working this piece from the outside in.  One of the advantages of working the wrap from the outside in is the availability of curved edges that are knit that way.  With a traditional edging you get lots of points and diamonds, but curves are hard to come by.  I like curves and soft edges, organic shapes that move quietly and naturally from one to the other.  Points and straight lines are also organic, crystalline shapes are the most beautiful of examples, but they move very differently.  When I doodle I doodle curves that flow from one to the next!  My mind jumps from point to point and seldom moves in a straight line – just ask my husband!

Happy Knitting