The only flower that it is guaranteed that the deer will not eat!!

Here in B.C. we are looking at a long weekend!  Three days of no work and no plans.  Well sort of no plans – I would like to finish the knitting of Painted Butterflies and then paint it!  That would be a great weekend!  Last night I found no knots in the yarn and made few mistakes and I knit 4.5 pattern repeats, only 11 repeats of the edging left!  Finishing the knitting is definitely do-able.  My husband may surprise me with a plan, usually an afternoon movie, I could go for that!  So really, it is going to be an aimless kind of weekend, I wonder what really will happen.

Do you ever wonder what happens to our plans, how they change as circumstances change around us?  “The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry.”  Robbie Burns knew what he was talking about with that statement – no matter how complete our plans there are always circumstances out of our control.  I have spent much of my life being a “go with the flow” type of person, it is less wearing on the nerves.

Life has recently taken me several new places and I have had to adapt to new circumstances – I am not quite sure how it all happened – but I have been changed.

DayLilies - fiery red spots in the garden! Inspiration for the new project!

The biggest change has been a real growth in my confidence level.  I am much more confident of my decisions in regards to my knitting.  I no longer hesitate when I am thinking of trying something new, look at what trying something new has done already!

I never thought of myself as lacking in confidence – I was always pretty sure of what I was doing and how I was doing it – Of who I was and how I got there.  But now it is different.  I am still trying to pinpoint the real difference.  For example, in some areas it is easy to see changes, they are logical outcomes of certain actions.

Blogging more has improved my typing – I can almost type as fast as my idea’s flow, my fingers will still get tangled over certain letters, s and d for example, still get reversed.  Another aspect of life I cannot control, but one I have adapted to.

Other changes are more subtle and much harder to identify.  I will always be adapting and trying to figure out what and how those adaptations will affect my life.  But mostly I will just knit and play and enjoy.  I will make plans and be ready to adjust because everything changes, and everyone has an affect on every person that they encounter.  More changes.

Yarn for the new project - a lace cowl, banded in the fiery Koigu, maybe with beads If I can find the right colour!

I am hoping to start another new project this weekend, and I am hoping to work on the ideas for the retreat this weekend, and I am hoping to finish the Painted Butterflies this weekend, and I am hoping to work on my Citron Shawl this weekend, and I am hoping to work on some pattern writting this weekend!  What path, what decision, what will happen this weekend?  I’ll let you know later!

What are your plans this weekend?  Hope that nothing “goes awry” and you have a great one!

Happy Knitting