The Tea-cozies are travelling!

Today is another “new” experience for me.  Two of my Cozies will be on display at an Art Exhibit in Squamish. The opening is tonight.

The Sqamish Arts Council Gallery will be having an exhibit that runs for the next three months and my cozies will be there!  I won’t be able to make the opening but will make the show at some point in the next three months.  The show features west coast artists and the theme is the forests that surrond us.  This is the UN’s Year of the Forests and that was the inspiration for the Arts Council theme.

Last night I made it past the halfway point on the edging for my Painted Butterflies Shawl.  Knots and beads did not deter my efforts – I am now expecting clear sailing for the remainder of this project.  I was re-reading last Fridays post, was I ever delusional to think that the edging would be done by the end of that weekend!

A tea-pot now waiting for inspiration!

Do you remember that I posted about losing a Tea-cozy? – I found it the following day!  The cozy was not hiding, it was sitting out in plain sight.  I guess I was looking too hard.  Unfortuneately or fortuneately it did not fit the new tea-pot.  My original tea-pot must have been a bit smaller.  There will be new cozy in the future for the new pot.  I’ll have to think on the colours and style!

Happy Knitting