Hummingbird Bounty

I spent a little time on Saturday watching a little Hummingbird working industriously gathering the sugar from some flowers outside my window.  Her wings were moving so quickly they were just a blur.  I did not want to disturb her at work so I did not move.  But Oh I wished my camera was handy!  She spent about 5 minutes going from flower to flower, hoving over each as she tasted the nectar.  It was a moment suspended from knitting as I watched her work.

Painted Butterflies with Scalloped Edging - 41 beads/scallop

I was industrious this weekend as well.  I finally finished the Victorian Lace Cap pattern.  It is now available through Ravelry and Infiknit.  I got about 25% of the edging done on the Painted Butterflies Shawl, just enough to know that it will work and to fall in love with the look.  Just enough so that I could start on another shawl for painting.

This one will knit up quicker.  It is another stole knit from the outside in, and I am using undyed Maidenhair and the Montague.  The same fibres that I used for Victorian Falls.  The Cockle Shell Beach Shawl will feature cockle shell shapes combined with lace in the edging.  It looks like it will work as well.  Now back to the slogging through the edging for Painted Butterflies.  I am still trying to find the “right’ lace pattern for my Camelspin.  Hence the new shawl.  I found a new pattern all right – just not what I wanted for the Camelspin project!

Detail of Scalloped Edging

Happy (and Industrious) Knitting