New Project all ready to go in the new bag!

This morning I was cruising around Ravelry and I decided to check out my “Stash” – I should do this more often.  Listed was one hank of Handmaiden Silk Twist, undyed.  I went looking for it, and you know it was right where my stash page said it would be!  This will be perfect with the Cashmere/Silk.  I had been playing around with the Handmaiden Cashmere 4-ply, but it is too heavy to be paired with the Cashmere/Silk!  I now have the yarn, I bought some beads and I have narrowed down my idea for my next painting project!

Full Circle Pi Shawl

I was thinking of a circularly shaped shawl, but that takes too much yarn and a great deal of knitting.  I haven’t ever knit a half circle so I am going to try for that!  How will I get there?  I could use short-rows but I have done quite a bit of knitting with short-rows already – I would like to try a different way.  I am going to go with EZ’s PI shawl technique, but cut it in half.  The main body with be in the Silk Twist and I will just knit (and pattern) until I run out of it and then use the light weight Cashmere/Silk for an edging.  I picked up the beads last time I went to Victoria and they will be perfect for the idea that I have in my head.

Short-rows create gently flowing curves - Jester Capelet

I love trying to work on circular shapes, they are so organic and flowing and knitting is so very linear!  It is a challenge to create a smooth flowing circle.  Other knitting designers have been just as fascinated by circles in knitting.  Dorothy Reade was fascinated by circles in knitting lace, see Successful Lace Knitting by Donna Druchunas, and Kaffe Fassett was fascinated by circles as well.  His famous Poppy pattern is a great example.  He used colourwork  to create circles, see Glorious Knits, the chapter on Circles.  Your Kaffe book may be titled Glorious Knitting, mine is, but the patterns and book is the same, American versus British release perhaps?  There is something of a challenge about creating shapes that others are certain can not be created.

I don’t know if you noticed but I have this “thing” about bags.

Butterfly Project Bag!

I got a new little project bag from Fiona and it is the home of my new project!  Over the years I have collected many bags and baskets for my knitting.  The big bags usually wear out – they come to work every day with me, but the smaller ones always last longer!  I also like all kinds of knitting gadgets – you may have noticed!  Have you got a “thing” about something?

Perfectly Pink Cactus Flowers

This morning I was watering my plants and a discovered a treasure.  My cactus, the only surviving one is blooming.  It is planted with my pony tail plant and has been there for a couple of years now.  It is beautiful!  And what an unexpected surprise!

Happy Knitting and Good Surprises