The only knitting related activity!

The last weekend was a bit of a downer for me – knitting wise.  I had a couple of knitting crisis’ and went into a bit of a sulk.  I did manage to paint my Leaf and Point Stole, but after that, the weekend was a bit of bust – I read two books instead.

Crisis 1)  I am still waiting to the Vogue Knitting Early Fall Edition.  Between being on the Island and the West Coast and the postal strike – it is taking fore-ever to get here.  I swung between being high and excited and frustrated all at the same time.  This is now done.  I am only excited and waiting.  My normal optimistic self is reasserting itself!

Crisis 2)  The Modern Guernsey is on hold for the moment while I get over ripping back over half of what I had done.  I was well into the waist area when I realized that the back had 30 more stitches than the front!  I was not happy.  I obviously couldn’t count when I started the back!

Crisis 3)  I am out of undyed, knitted, lace for painting!

Tea-cozy under Construction

How did I cure my sulk?  A little retail therapy and a little project to knit for that feeling of success necessary to keep us going!  The project – the tea-cosy that my son has been waiting fore-ever for.  He was over for dinner on Sunday and approved the colours and design.  For some reason he wasn’t into the floral embellishments that I like.  The cozy is well underway and I am about to start the shaping for the crown.  It should be finished tonight.  It is a small cozy, only a 3-cupper and is not taking long to knit!

Honor - Lakeshore Drive Colourway!

The retail therapy – Lorna’s Laces Honor hand-dyed heaven.  I want to knit my Leaf and Point Lacy Scarf in a regular hand-dye and this looks like it will do the job well!

The next hand painted project is in the planning stages.  I have some yarn left over from my Shetland Christening Shawl, a sample from the Shetland lace Retreat.  It was knit with  Diamond Yarn Luxury Collection Cashmere/Silk.

Waiting for the right stitch!

This yarn is undyed and gorgeous to work with.  I have about 1.75 balls left over from my project.  Once I choose the stitch and shaping – the shaping will suggest itself from the stitch – I will be able to start!

Christening Lace Shawl

Happy Knitting