Pima Lino Lace - something new under construction

That is how life is barrelling along right now!  It has been over 2 months since the January Magic of Mohair Gala and the euphoria of finding out that I was 1st runner-up!  In 2 months time the Vogue Magazine with my pattern in it will be released – I bet that life will slow to a crawl as I wait!!  Of course I have lots of knitting to keep me busy as I wait.

Leaf and Point Scarf for Painting - 1/2 way through

Yesterday Franklin Habit interviewed me, via the phone, for the editorial that Vogue is creating about the Magic of Mohair competition – and I finally really impressed my daughter as she reads his blog on a regualar basis.  Not that she wasn’t excited for me about everything else that was going on, but the interview really put it over the top for her (and myself)!

Embossed Lace

This week I finished the pattern for the Embossed Beret.  I think that it is an easy knit, the lace is a simple repeating pattern and the beads are few enough and big enough for a newbie beader!

Embossed: prepared, ornamented, or finished by embossing; esp of cloth : having a permanent raised design usu. produced by pressure <an embossed satin blouse> <washable, embossed, taffetized cotton sundress — advt>
The beads remind me of Elizabethan costume – diagonal embossed surfaces and texture.

Embossed Beret

Pattern is available from Ravelry – Lynette Meek.  And is also available from Infiknit.
Happy Knitting