Early morning start on the 3rd!

At midnight tonight the Canadian Contingent on Ravelry starts to knit for glory at the Ravelwealth games.  We will be opening the games with a virtual party at Grannyknits4U rooftop deck in Toronto.  Food, alcohol and entertainment has all been arranged.  Some of us won’t be arriving until the morning on the 3rd!  This will be my third event with this group from Ravelry – I started with the Ravelympics in 2008.  While we are a tried and tested team we love to welcome new participants!

You may laugh at the thought of a virtual party and Ravelwealth games, but these events have allowed us to try out new things and push our knitting MOJO to the max – it has given us a forum for support and new friends to share our successes and failures.  Those Canadian knitters who live outside of Canada have a place to share and cheer for their country.  I will probably never meet most of the people in the groups – but that is not really necessary – we know each other through our banter, our knitting and choice of beverage! 

It took longer than usual to choose my projects – I wanted to actually finish everything I committed too!  I quite often don’t!  And I’ll be finishing today a couple of projects that I thought I would have for the games.  While I can be organized about my knitting – lately I have been having issues around organization.  It is always the same problem – overcommitted to projects for the time I have available.  I also am a procrastinator, what am I doing right now instead of knitting!  I know that is a common problem amongst knitters, especially around Christmas, and these games are happening in prime Christmas Time for knitters.  Some of the projects are Christmas presents – The games give us extra motivation to finish!  (I still haven’t lenghthened the sleeves of my son’s last year Christmas Present – he has been reminding me lately – maybe I should add that to my list for the Ravelweath Games!)

Mittens to finish to go with the hat!

So, best of luck to us all!  Feel free to join in the Fun at the Team Canada Forum on Ravelry!

Happy Knitting